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Looking for a travel partner who could help you satisfy your wanderlust? Mountsafar is a leading travel consultant company which decodes the mountains’ DNA for our fellow travellers. We have our finger on the pulse of real trekking and hiking on mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Being a travel management company, we work with you to manage all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost-effective and ethical manner. We are a one-stop destination for trekking and hiking because we’re constantly looking for ways to give you everlasting experience. At Mountsafar, our team members come from different walks of life but a common passion for adventure and travel.

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What you can expect from us

  • Adventure Tours

  • Corporate Tours

  • Trekking & Camping

  • Wildlife & Nature

  • Customized Tours

  • Art & Cultural

Our Values

What makes us different

Guaranteed Tours

Once you book a tour with us, only you can cancel it.


We pay utmost importance to safety thus always keeps support staff for every trek.

Tour guide

Our guides will help you explore every side of the trek and to ensure you see a different side to it.

Best price guarantee

Mountsafar promises 'Best Price Guarantee'. if you find cheaper elsewhere.

Best Package

Our travel packages are pocket-friendly with every

Group Discounts

Book for 4 or more and avail the discount.

Small Group Size

Average group size is ONLY 10-15 trekkers. We give attention and care personally to each of them.

Easy Booking

Pay 25% as deposit to book your seat.

Believes of Mountsafar.

  • Smaller Groups: We like traveling in smaller groups as we believe that gives the best ambiance to experience of the Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude and rawness.
  • Instinct & Knowledge: We know the Himalayas well in terms of its cultural richness, diversity, differently graded terrains and challenges. Since we are experienced trekkers, certified and practicing mountaineers ourselves, we possess the operational and technical expertise to plan your travel and build your Himalayan experience like none other.
  • Experience of the Sport: We work very closely with mountain lovers from different parts of the World and hence understand your requirements much better. We grow ourselves with each groups we handle.
  • Flexible, transparent and friendly: Right from the moment you start communicating with us, you will feel the difference straight away.
  • Tailor Made Itineraries: With us, you can customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other ‘unregulated’ parties into the group. You and Your Holidays are important for us and we mean that.
  • Not a Business, but for a living: We do not run Himalayan High as a business or a corporate house focused to make profits. We are trek guides and mountaineers ourselves. We make experience for our living. It also enables us to live our dream of staying connected with the mountains 24 X 7.
  • Operational Expertise: We have trekked and operated treks throughout the span of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Bhutan. We are well connected to professional local guides and other resources required on a expedition. We plan, operate and lead the expeditions by ourselves.
  • Quality Equipment: We are equipped with the best quality equipment required for the all weather Himalayan Expeditions, which focuses on your Safety, Comfort, Hygiene and Ecology.
  • Maximum Safety Assurance Protocol: We follow a very high standards of Medical Safety Protocol and for all of our treks, we plan the best evacuation strategies, carry all required safety gears and oxygen cylinders. Our trek leaders are also equipped with Pulse Oxymeters to monitor the blood oxygen saturation at high altitudes and also carry High Altitude Medicine Kit. We are well versed to use those in the mountains.
  • Natural Acclimatization and Safe Itineraries:We follow a tight acclimatization regime and are believers of ‘Natural Acclimatization’ and not the medicated breed. Our itineraries are designed keeping altitude gains in mind for the safety of all, including the porters who unlike us, carry much more load.
  • Experience Making is an Art: We are not here for Volume, but for Experience – a true, unpolished raw and enriching experience of the Himalayas which adds to your personal growth and not just becomes a memory in form of photos. We hate meaningless glorification of a destination for touristic approach.
  • Quality: We are believers of Quality – Quality Treks, Quality Trekkers, Quality Local Staffs, Quality Equipment and Quality Experience. We like to spend quality time ourselves and do not get bored by the monotonous and routine treks.
  • Responsible Travelers: We are responsible travelers and respect fellow responsible travelers. Himalayas are godly to us and we try to give back to the Himalayas in return for giving us food and making our dreams come true, by being a responsible traveler. We raise awareness on the topic with our trekkers, locals and officials while on trek.



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