Venture into stunning panoramic views at the top Himalayan peaks coupled with an eye-opening insight during trekking.

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Tourism agency based in Delhi NCR. YOUR TRAVEL PARTNER.

Mountsafar is a team of passionate travellers who are operating trips in the Himalayan destinations. Our knowledge and Himalayan experience ensure you get to explore breathtaking views and beautiful places. As a travel management company, we take of everything related to your travel including accommodation, transportation, delicious food and exceptional customer service.

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Once you book a tour with us, only you can cancel it.

Tour guide

Our guides will help you explore every side of the trek and to ensure you see a different side to it.

Small Group Size

Average group size is ONLY 10-15 trekkers. We give attention and care personally to each of them.


We pay utmost importance to safety thus always keeps support staff for every trek.

What We Do

Our services are tailored to make your trip wonderfull.

Looking for a travel partner who could help you satisfy your wanderlust? Mountsafar is a leading travel consultant company which decodes the mountains’ DNA for our fellow travellers. We have our finger on the pulse of real trekking and hiking on mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Trekking & Camping

The trend of trekking and camping is increasing day by day. Who does not want to witness the forested areas, waterfalls, impressive greenery on the meadows, and high passes etc.? The foremost thing you require in trekking or camping is courage and zeal for adventure then no geographical conditions can stop you. Mountsafar keeps trekkers thrilled from sunrise to the sunset and takes good care of everything while you enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding.

Wildlife & Nature

If you are looking for out-of-the-box adventure, then you should surely take a trip to interaction with wildlife in their natural habitats. India has a number of wildlife conservation parks and sanctuaries from the great mountain ranges in the north, the marshy lands in the east, to the tip of Kanyakumari in the south. Get in touch with Mountsafar to get really thrilling wildlife experiences.

Corporate Tours

We offer customized travel experienced to our clients. When you opt for a corporate tour, you may extra expertise and deep understanding of how to make your vacation long lasting. We plan exciting activities to relieve employees stress and engage them in team games. Our team will create experiences based on your needs and preferences which are relaxing, convenient, exciting and of course, life-changing. We will do whatever it takes to make your vacation an experience of a lifetime.

Beaches, Coasts and Island

India has some of the best beaches in the world spread across the southern parts of India. Take a break from busy city life, and enjoy the action-packed adventure, water sports and beach parties. There are over 215 picturesque beaches that offer solace, beauty and action. Spend some days at beaches where you can see the sunrise and sunset. Contact Mountsafar to book a trip to beaches, coasts and islands for you.

Art & Cultural

India is blessed to have cultures and religions which appeals to visitors from all over the world. Mountsafar takes you beyond the luxurious facade of travel and into authentic experiences. From exploring the land of the Rajputs in Rajasthan to Kerala’s God own country, we offer anything from everything related to art and culture tours in India.

Road Trip

Ever thought why you always take the train or flight when you take control of when and explore the world yourself. You will end up not only explore the places but explore yourself on the roads. Make wonderful memories on the road trip. Take road trips with Mountsafar from Manali to Spiti or Ladakh or anywhere. A road trip does not mean taking your vehicle out and hit the road, there is a lot of planning involved before you head out. Choose Moutsafar to do the groundwork so that you can enjoy the entire road trip.

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